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Cameron Parsons got his start in racing at eleven years old, driving go karts in the Kerman Kart Club. He quickly moved up the ranks as he got older and gained experience, earning numerous wins and season points championships up to his final years in the 125cc ICC shifter karts. In 2008, he attended the Skip Barber Racing School to earn his racing license, allowing him to compete in the Formula Car Challenge Series the following year. During his time in this series, he won two season points championships in the Formula Mazda class. His next focus became the Trans Am Series, where he achieved Rookie of the Year in 2020. Beyond open wheel and Trans Am, Cameron frequently picks up other racing opportunities, recently in rally, touring cars, time attack, and even endurance racing where he joined team Spoon Sports to win the 25 Hours of Thunderhill in 2021 in a Honda Civic Type R.

Outside of driving, Cameron owns and operates his own racing business where he coaches, crews, and drives for clients. His day jobs over the years have consistently been in the automotive industry where he writes for automotive publications, directs track day events, and manages the development of racing and high performance tires. Behind the scenes of his racing activities, Cameron earning a bachelor's degree from Chapman University and a master's degree from CalState Fullerton, both in information technology. He is an avid music listener that frequently attends live shows, while also being a musician himself playing piano, synthesizers, and guitar. He spends what free time he has left catching up on movies, TV and streaming series, books, and videogames.

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