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Racecar Development / Racing Driver
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Cameron carries an extensive background in vehicle setup, development, and wheel-to-wheel racing. His experience from behind the wheel, turning wrenches, and working with data systems enables him to understand and analyze vehicle performance with solutions to extract its full potential. Backed with 20+ years of racing, Cameron developed the skill set necessary to outperform competition, make sensible on-track decisions, take care of equipment, and maintain a strong business and media persona off the track.

Driver Development / Instruction
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Parsons Racing works with drivers at any level of experience, from hobbyist club racers to young stars moving up the ranks. Drivers not only learn how to become more competitive on track, but how to make themselves more valuable to race teams and sponsors. Driver development and instruction incorporates:

• Driving Technique - Utilizing onboard video and data, drivers learn essential lessons in car control and racing strategy to get the most out of their time behind the wheel.

• Driving Analysis - Lessons in technique answers the “how” of going faster, they will also learn the “why” behind every technique. Understanding vehicle dynamics results in a more analytical driver that can interpret tracks and situations.

• Team Communication - A driver who understands the car and track can better communicate the car’s setup to engineers. Drivers learn how different setup changes affect handling, so that they can provide constructive feedback in the future.

• Public Relations and Media - Any driver for Parsons Racing takes part in representing the team and its partners. Drivers learn the importance of strong communication with partners, series officials, fans, and the media.

Arrive-and-Drive Programs / Racecar Support
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Parsons Racing erupted out of a mechanically-oriented family that always stressed quality craftsmanship. An attention to detail can be seen on every car and project that the team works on. The team offers arrive-and-drive racing programs, test days, and driver coaching, currently for driver-owned cars. Beyond the Parsons Racing fleet, crew support is available for other teams during non-conflicting dates. 

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