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ASC Logo - Square.png

Action Sports Canopies (ASC) aims to deliver the highest quality promotional products possible, including everything from canopies, to table covers, to banners and flags. ASC's products are built to endure and last through strenuous environments and long-term repeated use, making them perfect for racers everywhere. Mention Parsons Racing for discounts.

ADM Technology - Square.png

ADM Technology Consulting is an IT consulting company supporting businesses throughout the greater Southern California area. Focusing on making business IT approachable, manageable and affordable, they support businesses in a variety of industries. Whether it’s support and upgrades for an existing network, or setting up a new company,  ADM Technology will help your business refine its technology for a worry-free experience.


Antigravity Batteries has been in business for over a decade, leading the way in innovating and perfecting lithium ion battery technology for street cars, racecars, travel accessories, and more. Antigravity Batteries come with the benefit of being extremely lightweight and compact, providing significant weight reduction (up to 80%) while also freeing up space under the hood. Designed with motorsports in mind, Antigravity Batteries serve as a durable performance upgrade over a lead acid battery, with the advantage of more than double the cranking power.

Fuel Safe Racing Cell logo - Square.png

Fuel Safe has manufactured fuel bladders, cells, and accessories for over 30 years for nearly every form of motorsport. Its products are approved for use in all types of racing and sanctioning bodies, from the hobby and enthusiast level to the top ranks of motorsports. Fuel Safe is the only racing bladder manufacturer to achieve and maintain the ISO-9001:2008 quality certification.

KW Suspension logo - Square.png

KW provides a massive range of high performance and aesthetic-enhancing damper solutions. This includes everything from stylish street builds to the highest level motorsports applications. KW's experience is filled with achievements including six wins in the Nurburgring 24 Hour, and partnerships with series like the FIA World Touring Car Championship and names like the world-famous Ken Block. KW's patented TVR-A rebound technology and TVC-A/TVCLH-A compression technology lend to its popularity and reputation as equipment of choice among racers and car enthusiasts.

Quick Jack Logo - Square.png

QuickJack offers one of the most important tools to any car owner, a safe and convenient car lift system. QuickJack is unique in that its systems can be stowed away in a race car trailer or stored on the garage wall, ready to go under a car and lift it quicker and safer than any set of jack stands could. The QuickJack Portable Car Lift can be powered by 12V, 110V, and 220V power sources, and utilizes two frames with locking bars to bring the convenience of a lift system to your own garage or paddock space. Use code "parsonsracing" to get $150 off any QuickJack system!

Red Line Logo - Square.png

Red Line Synthetic Oil has been creating lubricants for motorsports since 1979, now offering more than 100 different products including: motor oils, gear oils, assembly lubes, fuel additives, and the well-known WaterWetter cooling additive. Parsons Racing has been using Red Line Synthetic Oil products for more than 20 years in their racing vehicles from go karts, to formula cars, to the Trans Am Series TA2 Camaro.

SSi Racing School Logo - Square.png

SSi Racing School offers a unique opportunity for race fans and drivers to hone their skills and move up the racing ladder, starting from top-tier racing simulators. Through the school's training programs mixed with realistic simulation hardware and software, students learn basic to advanced techniques in racing and performance driving, without the cost and risk that comes with real-life racing. This serves as an excellent platform to develop the skills necessary to drive quickly and safely, before moving into the school's go karting programs or into full size race cars.

Zizzo Logo - Square.png

ZiZZO produces folding bicycles that are affordable, easy to store, and ride like a full size bike. The manufacturer aims to integrate the popular cycling culture of Europe for a healthier lifestyle into mainstream American culture. You can choose from a range of Zizzo bikes that are quick and maneuverable with a wide range of gears, yet will still easily fit in the trunk of your car. There's an option for every type of rider, including those riding on a budget and even those who crave a mountain bike that can fold to fit under your office desk! Use coupon code "parsonsracing" to get 10% off your order!

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