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New Season, New Cars, New Series

This year, we're going bigger, faster, and louder. Cameron and the Parsons Racing team are thrilled to announce our entry into the 2019 Trans Am West Coast Championship. Cameron's start in racing was in go karts and eventually grew into racing open wheel formula cars in the Formula Car Challenge series, where he won two season points championships. While the Parsons Racing team continues to support drivers in the Formula Car Challenge series, Cameron will dive into a completely different machine for 2019 - the TA2-class Chevrolet Camaro.

The Trans Am series' TA2 class offers one of the most cost-effective ways to compete at the professional level. Even better, cars in this category churn out approximately 500 horsepower in a lightweight 2,800-pound platform made up of a tube frame chassis and fiberglass body. With the help of a four-speed, H-pattern gearbox, the formula for the Trans Am TA2 class makes for some of the most fun cars to drive and to watch go wheel to wheel.

The team has already begun testing for the season, and is gearing up for the first race taking place at Thunderhill Raceway Park on April 12-14.



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