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Parsons Racing Teams Up with Antigravity Batteries

The 2022 season kicks off with Antigravity Batteries joining the Parsons Racing team. As the team's activities pick up across the Trans Am series, club racing, and time attack, Cameron Parsons and the team team will prove the product in numerous applications and environments.

The Los Angeles-based manufacturer has been in business for over a decade, leading the way in innovating and perfecting lithium ion battery technology for street cars, racecars, travel accessories, and more. Antigravity Batteries come with the benefit of being extremely lightweight and compact, providing significant weight reduction (up to 80%) while also freeing up space under the hood. Designed with motorsports in mind, Antigravity Batteries serve as a durable performance upgrade over a lead acid battery, with the advantage of more than double the cranking power.

The brand is popular for motorsports batteries, but they also offer the RE-START series batteries with built-in backup jump starter, alongside products like portable power stations, portable jump starters, and even solar panels. Follow Cameron and the Parsons Racing team in the 2022 racing season to learn about the advantages and conveniences that come with Antigravity Batteries products.



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